Using influencers to increase your personal brand

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This email is going to be short and sweet. But don’t let that deceive you, because it’s still chocked with value.

How often do you mention influencers in your blog content?

I bet it’s never, or pretty damn close.

So here’s the thang…

…you want to change that if you’re looking to build your personal brand quickly.

If you’ve got an opinion on something, and an influencer has said something similar in the past, then you should be quoting them to back up your ideas.

If you’ve used one of their strategies, you should be writing about your results using it, why you like it, and giving a shout to the influencer who suggested it to you.

Once you’ve done that, you want to go and Tweet them, mention them, and hash tag them so they can see that you’re bigging up their work.

That will put you on their radar, do it often enough, and they’ll start to like some of your tweets.

Once they start liking your tweets, do a reach-out to them to see if you can write a guest post for their blog.

This not only helps your audience to trust you quicker, because you’re using quotes from influencers to back up your own strategies, but could also get you a guest-writing spot on a blog with vast audiences.


P.S. I’m going back to finishing off next month’s Business Ignition. It’s all about copywriting, and one person I was showing it to told me I should be selling it as a course on it’s own.

But I’m not. It’s written for Business Ignition members, and that’s exactly who’s going to get it.

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