The super un-sexy saga continues…

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Last week was a bad week, to put it mildly.

It seems that getting hundreds of re-tweets and shares on Twitter finally kicked Porcelanosa into action.

You’d probably think it would make them think twice about their service, and provide an incredible finish.

But alas no….

The regional manager turned up and… was mainly interested in the fact that I’d been posting on Twitter about how shite their service is.


Aren’t you meant to be here to fix the major problems we’re having?!

Luckily I wasn’t there, I was where I needed to be, in hospital with Max.

But my mum, their customer, was there, and she wasn’t best happy.

It started by our contractors being accused of damaging the pallet taking it off the truck, the guy had barely walked through the gates when that happened.

Win-a-goal, great way to smooth over a bad situation.

The trucks, which apparently ALL come with cranes to remove the goods, didn’t have a crane to remove the goods. This statement was later changed to they all come with a tail lift and pallet mover.

Funnily enough our builders weren’t going to touch anything, and there was no way one driver was able to off-load everything.

(apparently it’s illegal for them to send one drive on a truck with this kinda sized load anyway, but that’s second-hand information and I don’t know whether it’s true or not)

So.. the regional manager said they didn’t have to deliver to site, they could leave it on the road.


Leave it on the road!

We’d invited them to unload on the drive, so they’re allowed to, our builders just wouldn’t do it for them after an immediate accusation.

It was only when they were told we’d call the Highways Agency if they left it on the road that they decided it wasn’t such a good idea.

But… they still had no way to unload it.

In the end our builders agreed they would unload after a written and signed agreement saying they took no responsibility for unloading or any damage that may occur during it.

And finally… the bathrooms came off the truck.

Waht a friggin nightmare!

And it didn’t end there.

But to be fair, the bathrooms were delivered, all parts were there, except for one shower tray and one cracked tile which could happen in any delivery.

But when it came to the kitchen… it just got worse.

Here’s the summary of what happened since Wednesday last week, and what’s currently being done to resolve it.

* The high gloss white cabinets are all different shades of white. They have to be fitted, then my mum chooses the white she likes the most, the rest of the doors all come off and have to be re-made to match.

* The counter-top and splash backs can’t be fitted until two months after the kitchen is fitted (I know right!). Nobody told us this during order, they’re being refunded in full.

* The counter top white doesn’t match the cabinet whites, it’s not meant to, the kitchen designer didn’t actually bother to help my mum in her design to let her know this would look awful.

* The new granite worktops (instead of Porcelanosa’s composite) will look better, will be ready and fitted in two weeks, and are less than half the price.

* Porcelaonsa are contributing towards the kitchen fitting as our kitchen fitters left and they couldn’t provide a kitchen fitter until September!

* Missing bathroom shower tray being deliver by the regional manager, who comes back today to shwo the kitchen fitters how to fit the kitchen as we are taking no responsibilty for it.

In fact, the regional manager arrrvied about half an hour ago as I am writing this email, so I will head out to meet him and see how they’re getting on.

For those entrepreneuers among you, this is not the way to run a business.

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