Selfies at murder scenes

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I know I said I wasn’t going to send another email for a couple of days, but sometimes you see something that you just have to write about.

And this morning was one of those moments!

The stupidity of some people baffles me, and when these people are police, lawyers, doctors, pilots or similar, it amazes me even more.

In this case it was policeman.

What did they do?

They took a selfie at a murder scene.

I mean what kind of idiot would even consider doing that!

Apparently the kind who are employed to find the murderer.

It’s truly unbelievable.

And it kinda makes you worried for the future of the world when supposedly intelligent people are making decisions to do things like this.

However, it’s a good reminder that we should always consider what we’re doing, and how it will affect other people both across our businesses and life.

Anyhoo… I have to try and get Max to sleep now, we’re heading to Ikea (the shop of my nightmares) in an hour and he’s clearly un-interested in sleeping.

C’est la vie.



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