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Whenever you look at the folk selling guides to online businesses, they show images of working from the beach, bars or cafes as part of the “awesome” lifestyle you’re about to achieve.

The reality is…

Working in most of those places is a pain in the ass.

Cafe’s aren’t so bad, but I can assue you that you don’t want to be working on beaches or in bars. You get tiny grains of sand in your computer, or it overheats in the sun, and bars are just distracting.

What is great, is that if you want to go away for a week, a month or even three months, then you can work anywhere you want.

That’s definitely a lifestyle choice that’s worth having!

But day-to-day where should you work to get the most done?

Personally I’m a believer that you want to work somewhere you can focus the most. It’s about getting a lot done in the shortest amount of time possible.

And that means… no distractions.

I’ve always worked from home.

But recently I’ve been getting more and more distractions. There’s been Max (an incredible distraction!), building work and people coming and going.

All of which I love, but has made me far less efficient. I now find myself working the entire day and not finishing everything.

Previously I was finishing everything by lunchtime.

Admittedly, in that time I’ve become a director of a construction company, so things have got somewhat busier, but that’s not the point.

So… for the first time since I was a junior footwear designer, I’m going to be working in an office.


We’ve just had an office craned in for County Builders, and I’m going to be using it as my base.

And, just to be sure I don’t break, we’re converting my current office into a playroom for Max.

Will it work for me?

I think so.

To make it work I keep re-planning my day. Here’s the current schedule:

7:00am walk the dog
8:00am have breakfast with Max
9:00am start work
12:30pm have lunch
2:00pm finish work and enjoy the rest of the day

That gives me five hours of un-interrupted work time each day, including lunch, which should be more than enough.

Of course, there’ll be the odd meeting, in the afternoons, or days when things run over, but I’ll be doing my darnest to stay on track.

The incentive?

Now my office isn’t going to be at home, if I want to see Max then I’m going to have to leave work and not go back to it.

Who needs a bigger incentive than that!

What’s the best place you’ve found to work?

All the best,


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