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Would you want your builder to wallpaper your walls with Pritt Stick?

Of course you wouldn’t. Only an idiot would want that surely!

Let me rephrase that question.

You’re buying a seriously expensive wallpaper, and before you go and spend a fortune on it, you want to know if it’s going to look as nice as you imagine.

So, your builder suggests that you just go and buy one sheet of the wallpaper, come back and he’ll Pritt Stick it onto the wall for you so you can see what it’s like, and then take it off without any damage to the wall.

Does it still sound like a stupid suggestion?

It could save you thousands of dollars.

Now it’s become an awesome idea. Cheap, simple, quick to implement and see the results.

Most internet marketers don’t do that.

They go and buy the really expensive wall paper. They then get the builder to wallpaper the entire room, and they don’t even look inside until it’s finished.

A fortune gets spent, they open the door to the shiny new room, and… it looks like a f****ing mess.

Problem is, it’s now too late. They’ve already spent that money. If they want to redo the room, they’ve got to strip all the wallpaper off and start again.

The thought of that is kinda depressing.

So they leave it, hoping they’ll grow to like it. But they don’t. Eventually they either bite the bullet, strip everything off and start again, or they close the door and pretend the room doesn’t exist.

Don’t be the majority. Use Pritt Stick, see what it looks like, see if it works for you and when it does, go for it with everything you’ve got.

Here’s how I do it.


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