When I was a kid my mum and step-father used to own a children’s theatre company. One of the most popular shows was the Three Little Pigs.

If you don’t know the story, then very briefly it’s about three little pigs who leave their mum’s house and go into the forest to build their own. They need to build their houses strong enough to keep them safe from the big bad wolf.

But little pig number one and little pig number two build their houses from straw and sticks, the wolf blows them down and eats them up.

(if you were told the friendlier version they ran to their brother’s house, but I prefer to go with got gobbled up)

Little pig number three built his house from bricks and the wolf couldn’t blow it down so he climbed the roof, went down the chimney and fell straight into a cooking pot that the little pig had put on the fire.

When you look at it like that it’s a pretty gruesome children’s tale. Anyhoo…

The reason I’m telling you this is because we can learn some great lessons from it for our marketing and squeeze pages.

Lesson 1

Like the wolf, if you don’t succeed first time then keep on trying until you do. Yeah I know he fell in a pot of boiling water under a chimney, but I can guarantee that won’t happen to you. What will happen is… you’ll eventually succeed.

Lesson 2

Each of the three pigs built a house from different materials. Two failed and one worked. That’s what we call a split-test, and you want to do the exact same on all of your squeeze pages. Start with two or three versions and see which one works. Take the one that works and try another variation, repeat until you’re getting an opt-in rate for your traffic source of at least 30% and ideally 40%.

Awesome hint: Do this on one traffic source at a time. For example do it with solo-ads from one provider until you’ve got it working, then start again for the next provider. Different sources will give you different results so tailor your squeeze page to each source of traffic.

This is what I use to make awesome landing pages that convert like billy-o in just a few minutes.




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