How To Make Money From Your Blog – Part 5

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How to make money from your blog is such a big topic that we’re now onto part 5, the final part of the series. You can see part one, part two, part three and part four here.


So far we’ve looked at how to get your blog ready and when you should start thinking about monetising it. The first way you can monetise a blog by using advertising. How to use digital products to monetise your blog and using real world physical products to generate revenue from your blog.


In the final part of this series we’re going to look at providing Services to your readers to monetise your website.


Monetising Your Blog With Services

If you have a specific skill, or employ staff with specific skills, then you can offer those skills to your readers to help them achieve their goals.


The easiest niche to see this happening in is the Make Money Online niche. There are lots of people selling digital products in this niche, but there are also lots offering services.


Think of all the article writers, SEO “experts”, link builders, copywriters, website builders, programmers, designers etc… out there.


These are all services.


They may not suit your service, after all if you’re in the weight loss niche then your readers are unlikely to need a programmer. However they may want a coach, a personalised plan or custom food menus.


What I’m going to share with you today is a list of some services that you may be able to offer to your readers…


App Developer

Apps is still a new and developing world and there are lots of companies wanting to develop apps for their businesses. However very few people still truly know the in and out of how to do it.


Audio/Video Editor

Audio and video is everywhere now, and companies use it every day to promote their services. You can provide services from creating through to editing their audio and video. There is enough business in just recording the intros and outros on podcasts to keep you busy! But don’t forget, it’s not just businesses that want videos edited. Personal video editing can include weddings, birthdays and many more occasions.



If you’re experienced in a specific area then you can become a consultant. It can take time to get your foot in the door as a consultant in your speciality, but once you do your time will be very well rewarded.



Immediately the thought that comes to mind is a graphic designer of websites, logos, book covers and other similar online projects. However I’ve seen online house designers, clothing designers, furniture designers and more.



In the digital world a lot of old photographs and videos are gathering dust and there’s a growing market for people who want their old memories digitised for the future.


Photo Editor

If you’re a dab hand with Photoshop then there is endless work in editing photos. Anything from editing images for adverts to touching up headshots. Use sites like Freelancer to find the work.


Project Manager

As more and more companies start having remote staff, project management is becoming a more and more in-demand job. The key to having a remote staff base is to have excellent project management. If you’re used to project managing then this could be a role you can fulfill from home.


Social Media Manager

Everybody has social media accounts these days, and often more than one. It’s normal to have a Facebook and Twitter account, but then there’s a host of other social media sites as well. Managing every account takes time and skill. If you’re good with social media, know how to create captivating snippets of information that people want to share then this could be the perfect role for you.



Anybody who has a website is very likely, at some point, to need something done to it that is slightly outside of the norm. And that means they’re going to need a programmer. If your good with code, or are used to programming something specific, then this could be your best service to offer.



Are you an expert in a particular subject? Do you like talking about it? If so then maybe you’d like to become a speaker on your specialist subject.



With all the audio and video online today, there is endless work in transcribing it to text if you’re a fast and accurate typer.



Do you have a degree? Can you teach? Tutoring people to help them achieve their goals is an excellent way to monetize your blog. Don’t think this has to be done in person, using Skype and other messaging tools allows you to do this from anywhere in the world with clients anywhere in the world.


Website Builder

You’ve already built your own blog right? That means you can provide services doing it for your readers 😉



Writing, writing, writing. You’re already writing for your blog and if you’re blogging on a topic then the chances there are other websites writing about it as well. And one thing that all websites need is… content. Writing for other websites can provide you with an income and spread your name as well. But that’s just one part of writing, copy-writing is also hugely in demand and can provide an excellent income.


Virtual Assistant

If you’re organised and are good at managing, then becoming a virtual assistant can be an excellent way to generate revenue.


In Summary

Providing services can be an excellent way to monetize your website and it allows you to start with only your time as an investment. This makes it a great place to begin if your funds are low.


However don’t think that it always has to be you to do the work. If you can do it then others can and you can train them to work in your style and to your level of quality. As you have more clients requiring your services you can employ others to fulfill those services and manage your team instead.

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