It’s just been announced that Kevin Spacey is having his scenes cut from Ridley Scott’s latest movie due to the continuing sexual allegations that are coming out.

Is this right or wrong?

There’s definitelty a divide in opinion.

Something that I certainly feel is that we’re not far away from it not mattering what the courts say, because people will be condemned via social media whether they’re guilty or not.

What’s becoming more and more evident is that the power of the internet and social media is expanding rapidly.

It’s made people vulnerable who thought, probably rightly, they were untouchable.

And that’s no bad thing.

The question is… how do YOU harness it to work for you.

You start by focusing.

That’s what most folks don’t do!

Don’t try to blog, post on eight social media accounts, create videos, products, send emails, record a podcast, build a membership site and run paid advertising all at the beginning.

At best it won’t work.

At worst you’ll end up having a break-down. And nobody wants that!

You need to focus on one particular channel of communication. That could be email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

Then you need to spend all your energy getting the number of people you’re speaking to on that channel as high as possible.

If you choose email, you should email at least once a day, possibly more if you have time.

If you choose social media, you should be posting at least four or five times a day. Your account needs to be very active.

Then… and this is the tough bit… don’t get distracted for the next year.

Yup, you heard that right.

I don’t care what anybody else says. You’re not going to be rich overnight. But if you focus and work hard, you could be well on the way there this time next year.

Just to confirm, your focus should be to make sure that:

You build the amount of followers in one communication channel, communicate with them regularly and make fans.

Once you’ve begun that, there are two things which will help you.

1) Don’t expect anything to happen quickly, just enjoy what you’re writing or posting.

2) Don’t try and make money.

Number one is self-explanatory, but I’m often told that number two doesn’t make any sense.

But it’s the best way to make money.


Because as you build your fanbase over the next twelve months, it will be obvious to everyone involved that you aren’t out to simply make money from them.

You actually want to start a conversation.

It’s suprisingly difficult to have a conversation, provide entertainment and sell.

So don’t bother. To begin with.

Instead, spend your first year enjoying what you’re doing. During that year you’ll learn what your readers like, don’t like and what makes them stand up and shout.

This is crucial information to be able to start selling to them in a way they’ll be happy with.

My first website didn’t sell anything for the first two years.

My first product launch did $196,839.


Because I knew exactly what my readers wanted.

They knew I wouldn’t sell them something which wasn’t excellent.

I had the trust of everyone in the industry, so they were all willing to support me.

So while I didn’t sell anything for two years, the third year (and every year since) more than made up for it.



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