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A pinprick to the nuts

A pinprick to the nuts

Occasionally, something will happen that gives you a shock.

That happened to me today.

It was like a pinprick to the nuts.

I was watching Tiny Pops (a T.V. station) with Max this morning and there was an advert for the 25 year anniversary of Euro Disney.


I not only remember it being built, I remember being taken there as a child just after it had opened.

Which means… I’m getting old!

It’s funny how something like that can suddenly shock you.

There’s two things that we can learn from this…

1) You should do a promotion for every type of event, your birthday. Easter, Christmas, New Year, Bank Holiday etc.

2) The subject line of this email is the perfect shock and awe type subject line. Check it out and try to write at least one email per month with this type of shock and awe subject line.



About Michael Wilding

In my career I have worked as a professional actor, senior footwear designer, professional bettor and internet marketer, as well as a variety of other short-term and rather humorous jobs. Internet marketing has allowed me to combine all the skills I’ve learnt throughout my other professions in a unique way to give me a different view of how we can use marketing to build relationships that allow us to communicate on a personal level with our readers.

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