You are what you eat

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If you are what you eat, then I think I probably look like a cross between a sandwich and a noodle pot.

As you can see, my diet for today is made up of Itsu noodles, tea, crisps, and a surprise dinner from Holly.

It’s true, I do have a weakness for good instant noodles.

Admittedly the combination of words “good” and “instant noodles” should probably never go together.

But… I honestly believe that some of them are really good.

Now I’m working from an office I find lunch time a struggle.

What the heck do you eat for lunch every day in an office?

I can’t walk to the fridge and see what we’ve got, I’ve got to actually plan what I eat.


That’s hard enough to do for dinner.

Do you:

* Pack a sandwich
* Buy something hot
* Buy something cold
* Eat salad
* Go without
* Something

Which is your lunch of choice?



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