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I got an email from Cynthia this morning. It was a particularly long, one sentenced email…

If I had money I would nor be trying to make money

Now I understand those sentiments, seriously I do. When I left school I was meant to go to Art School. I cancelled on the first day, had no job, and no money.

I got a job at the local theatre, where I worked front-of-house selling programmes and ice-creams. It paid me a whopping £12 (around $15) per shift.

That’s not per hour, that’s per shift!

I worked every shift I could, I saved every single penny, and in a few months I had enough saved up for a plane ticket to the US.

That was the beginning of my journey. I arrived, with barely any money, found a hostel and then needed to find a way to earn enough to live.

Throughout the next few years I made money around the world by working in the theatre, playing pool, sex-texting, selling perfume, working behind the front-desk of hostels, labouring and being a general dogsbody.

Honestly, I didn’t care how I made money. I was enjoying myself, I felt free and I was broke.

But I knew then that I never wanted to work for someone else. I always wanted to feel free.

And that meant I spent many many years struggling to pay the bills. I never had any money, could never afford to go out, I know what it’s like to be permanently broke.

I started my first website with nothing but a web domain and the cheapest hosting I could get, while I was working in another job.

It didn’t make me a single penny for nearly two years!

Why? Because I didn’t know how to make money online.

Those two years were my basic education. They were when I tried everything I could think of to make some money online, and failed every single time.

So here’s the thang…

If you can’t currently afford a web domain, hosting or some training. Then my newsletter ain’t going to be containing much for you.

I’d recommend you quit reading this email, go and start writing articles for other people, doing customer support or any other kind of job that pays ten bucks an hour.

Make no mistake, the quickest way to make money is to go and work for someone else.

But if you do have a few bucks, you do have some time, you understand that if you want to build a bizniss you gotta invest a little bit in training, websites, autoresponders and web traffic, then you should check this out…

It’s less than seven bucks, and it gives you five ways to make money in the next seven days with zero investment.

My cheapest product is $97 a month. It’s about building a six and seven figure online business. It requires your time, focus and some investment in traffic.

But I know not everybody’s ready for that yet. And if you’re not ready for it, then this is about as good as it gets.

From the five strategies, my personal favourites are Number 2 and Number 5. Both of those you can do today, and make your first sale within the next twenty four hours.

They’re about as simple as it gets, and require nothing else except the instructions in the videos.

Heck, with Number 5 you could even have made $300 by the end of the day.


P.S. Yes, you’re gonna have to put some work in. I mean Bill is giving you some strategies for a few bucks, he’s not actually gonna do the work for you as well!

P.P.S. I’m doing something pretty awesome with this product, which I’m going to talk about next week 😉

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