When Intelligence Fails

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Happy New Year.

I hope you had a great New Years Eve and you’re all set for an awesome 2018!

Just before the New Year we had a new, intelligent, heating system installed.

And it’s pretty damn awesome.

We can set the temperature in each room separately on their own timescales.

In some rooms we’ve even got sensors that intelligently learn when you come and go and pre-heats the room for you. But if the room isn’t to the temperature you like when you walk into it, then it recognises that you’ve walked into it and brings the radiators on.

Pretty cool.

Not only that, but it also monitors the outside weather and learns how long each room in the house takes to get to temperature based on the outside weather. This allows it to make sure each room starts heating in time to get it warm when you want it.

When you live in an old (nearly 250 year old) house, where every room is made from different materials and has different size gaps for cold air to come in, it’s brilliant.

Until your internet goes down!

Which is what happened today.

Our BT router died. Or at least I thought it died, I think I may have needed to restart all the devices connected to it, but I’d already got another one by the time I figured that out.


I needed to get it back on for our heating.

Which took me about an hour as I’ve never had to figure it out before, but all is working now.

In the process I discovered that the system I chose, which I chose after much consideration, actually creates it’s own network.

This means that even if the internet goes down, you should be able to control your heating through it’s own network.

Pretty awesome. If you know how to do it!

I’m going to make that my mission to learn in the next few weeks.

Right now I’m going to get myself a drink and continue watching Mrs Doubtfire. Probably one of Robin Williams best films.



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