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What a rough ride

What a rough ride

It’s been a rough ride over the last few days, but more on that next week, I’m not ready to write about it yet, but I will do later.

In the meantime, Zuzaman, my free autoresponder, is now up and running, but it’s been a bit slow on beta testing.

If anybody’s stil interested in beta testing, you can by joining our small Slack community here:


When you register I really need you to start using the software and feeding back to me.

If it’s still a bit quiet next week, I’ll open it up to the general public to beta test.



P.S. There’s also a room to talk about email copywriting techniques as well, ask away and you may get some hidden gems 😉

About Michael Wilding

In my career I have worked as a professional actor, senior footwear designer, professional bettor and internet marketer, as well as a variety of other short-term and rather humorous jobs. Internet marketing has allowed me to combine all the skills I’ve learnt throughout my other professions in a unique way to give me a different view of how we can use marketing to build relationships that allow us to communicate on a personal level with our readers.

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