Too Fat For Facebook

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Did you hear this recently?

Facebook refused to approve an advert which had a photo of a plus-sized model in it, saying that it showed…

“body parts in an undesirable manner”


Okay, they’ve since apologised for this but that’s not the point.

The point is that every day we see people showing you how to build pages on Facebook that attract thousands, or tens of thousands, of fans and then use those to market your product to.

Or how to build a business using nothing but Twitter.

But here’s my piece of advice. You can take it or leave it, but if you leave it then you’re going to be leaving yourself open to the potential collapse of your business.

So here it is…

Your primary business should be on a platform you control such as your own website and mailing list.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for social reach. They’re great for getting in touch with people and letting them know about what you’re doing.

But… ultimately they’re private companies. And as a private company they can pretty much do whatever the heck they want to do.

Which includes shutting your business down.

They don’t need to ask you questions. They don’t need to ask you to change what you’re doing.

One day they can turn around and decide they don’t like it anymore and you’re business is gone.

Google being the most obvious example. Every time they release an update people start panicking because they’re going to drop in the rankings. They’re going to lose all their traffic because of the way they’ve been building links.

Well if you’re entire business is dependent on what another private company decides, then you’ve already got a problem.

If you have your own website and your own mailing list and one place you advertise shuts you down.

So what.

Yeah it may be irritating. It may be your best damn traffic source. But… you can go and write some more awesome copy and advertise somewhere else instead.

Your business is safe as monkey nuts.

And if you want some tip-top copywriting advice. This is it:



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