Three words that will GUARANTEE you money

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I’ve been a bit quieter this week because I’ve been moving home.

We’ve always lived in London, but have taken the leap and moved to the countryside where we can get more space and cleaner air.

Apparently 10,000 people die in London every year due to air pollution!

Anyhoo… so far it’s been great, but we’re still enjoying the newness of everything. At some point when we’re settled the reality of not living in a big city will hit I’m sure.

We’ve had loads of people come and introduce themselves, which is great, and in the short time we’ve been here I’ve already seen one local business close.

And the reason why is what I want to share with you.

The normal way of setting up a business is to get some investment, often borrowed which is a big no-no for me, get your location and start marketing. You assume you won’t break-even for two to three years and project to go into profit in year three.

That doesn’t work for me.

What you want is a self-liquidating funnel.

(those are the three words I was talking about)

Remember those three words because I’m going to share my approach to building an online business, one that has almost no-risk and guarantees you’ll make money.

But heads-up… you’re gonna have to be prepared to work.

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