They’re grrreeeeaaat

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That’s the slogan, in the UK, for Frosties. It’s what Tony The Tiger says in every single advert.

And it’s an example of branding perfection.

After all, he’s been saying that phrase now for decades. Since 1952 to be precise.

What you may not know, is that Tony The Tiger came about due to a competition to design a character for Kellogg’s latest cereal. There were two others, but they never graced the front of a cereal box.

The final design for Tony came from a group of former Disney animators who also designed The Jolly Green Giant and Snap Crackle And Pop.

In fact, Tony was so popular in Italy that he appeared on the cover of Italian GQ magazine!

What happened next… was Esso started to use a tiger in their advertising.

Rather than try and file a law suit against them, Kellogg’s maintained a peaceful relationship and between them they spent over 1.5 billion dollars in advertising, and then…

Esso tried to open a line of convenience stores called “Tiger Marts”. Sadly that was one step too far and Kellogg’s then filed suit.

Why am I telling you this?

Apart from the fact that I find it kinda interesting, it’s also a perfect example how something completely unexpected, like a tiger, can make a brand.

Trying to decide what your logo, or mascot, should be can be a huge amount of work and stress.

What I’m saying is… don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

And don’t forget, you can always change it later on if you feel what you have is not quite right. It’s not as big an issue as it seems.



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