The Twirly Woos

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I spent this morning watching the Twirlywoos. If you don’t know what they are, then you’re missing out!

This is what they say about them:

Whether they travel to the real world or on their big red boat they are always discovering something new and exciting with help from their friends who come to visit them.

The episodes encourage children to think for themselves, gain confidence in perceptions of their own lives and develop their wonderful sense of inquisitiveness through each story.

I kinda enjoy watching them, but don’t tell anybody!

However, it can be pretty hard to work while watching them, and watching Max walk round the living room in circles trying to pull everything off every service.


I’ve still not managed to recover from my mahooosive cock-up with the domain reputation on Google.

If you’re new to my newsletter, in the process of setting up a new email server I wanted to test the speed, so imported a list of fake email addresses.

However, I forgot to make sure that the email server deleted those emails without ever sending them out.

The result… I sent hundreds of thousands of emails to test the speed of my new setup, they actually tried to get delivered, and Google marked my domain with a bad reputation for sending so many bad emails.


Considering the vast majority of people on my mailing list use Gmail, you can consider this the mother of all f**k ups.

Nearly a month later there has been no movement on my domain reputation.

There’s no way I can change domain. So I have two new approaches to try and recover.

The first is to use Amazon SES, alongside my new mail server, to send emails. I’ll send the first email out using my new mail server, and then re-send to non-openers in the evening.


Because when I send through Amazon SES I get delivered to the Gmail inbox. This means I should start to get some interaction with my emails on Gmail, obviously I get very little interaction because only a few Gmail users are seeing my emails, the interaction (I’m hoping) will begin to play in my favour with domain reputation.

If that doesn’t work, I’ve heard on the rumour-mill that registering an account with GSuite for Business and making sure your sending domain is registered can make a big difference.

I’ll try that if my Amazon SES approach doesn’t work over the next few weeks.

Either way… I’ll make sure to let you know what finally resolved the issue when I manage to resolve it.



P.S. I’m not sure whether I’m going to be sending emails tomorrow and Sunday, it depends a little bit on time. I’d like to, but we’re driving all over the place to see friends before Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled just in case.

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