The Sleep Walking Zombie

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I’m writing this email at 11pm, the night before I send it, because tomorrow I’ve got to strip the impending baby’s room.

We’ve got builders in doing most of the work, but we’ve decided to strip the paint work and redecorate ourselves.

Today we were down in London at my god-daughters second birthday party, and I’ve driven for about 6 hours, so I kinda feel like a sleep-walking zombie!

Anyhoo… I got asked this in an email the other day…

How do you make money sending emails?

Is that a good question or not?

Initially I thought that it sounded like a question from somebody who doesn’t want to do any work, after all, that’s surely something you could find in Google in a few seconds.

So I went and Googled it.

And what I found was an industry that I’d forgotten about. An industry that does nothing but talk bollocks.

An industry that’s filled with headlines like…

Email Sending Jobs – Get Paid To Send Email – Email Sending Work

Which is when I realised that if this person had just joined my mailing list, and had previously been reading websites like these, they may be a bit confused as to how you really make money sending emails.

And of course, I gave a fully detailed reply 🙂

But it got me wondering, were there others reading this newsletter who think these “Paid To Send Emails” jobs is what I’m talking about.

I bloody hope note. Then I thought I’d better make damn sure not. The truth is…

You make money by sending emails like this:

1) Build your own mailing list. These are people who request to receive your daily emails, the same way you requested to receive mine.

2) You provide email newsletters every day that contain entertaining and valuable information.

3) You put a link to an affiliate product in every email you send, when someone purchases, you get a commission.

That’s how you really make money by sending emails.

Or you do what the super-smart folk do, and join Business Ignition.

Over and out.


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