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The scales of life

The scales of life

One thing about being an entrepreneur is that balancing things can get tricky.

It’s something that I’ve had to deal with a number of times over the years.

Usually you put a new routine in place and everything goes fine, then a few years later things have changed and the routine starts to go to pot.

That’s what’s happened to me.

What I’m having difficulty with now is getting everything organised so that I get to see Max when he’s not tired and heading to bed, and walking BeeBee.

It’s made harder by the fact we’ve not had kitchens or bathrooms for the last couple of months (and won’t for another month or so) and we’re using our mum’s to do cooking and cleaning.

I’ve still not quite worked out the best way to do it, so I’m asking how you do it?

Send me your routines and schedules and let me know how you plan your days.



P.S. I’m looking after Max for the next couple of days so may not get a chance to write these emails again until next week. If I don’t see you before then, have a great weekend.

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