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Last week was a bit quiet because I had a few email template issues, these aren’t quite resolved yet, but I’m back up and running.

I’ve also learned a valuable lesson… if I want to get this email out every day, then I’m going to need to write it the evening before. The morning’s are just insanely busy at the moment!

What’s already coming to light by finding the most interesting blog posts each day, is how the big boys such as Forbes, Inc., Business Insider and Entrepreneur stay at the top of Google searches.

It’s by sheer quantity of content.

I’m sure they’ve got their SEO teams working hard as well, but the volume of content, and some of it pretty good, that they produce is incredible. On average they’re each publishing around 100 articles every single day.

In comparison, the busiest personal blogs I’m following produce three or four articles a day, whereas most are only producing one article every few days.

How can you compete with that kind of volume of content without a big budget? Honestly, at the moment I’m not sure. But it’s something I’m going to be getting my head around over the coming months

In the meantime, BeeBee is in the middle of an operation about now, an Trump has been making an ass of himself as usual. In other words… the world is trundling on.

There are three great stories I’ve chosen for you today, and I’m sure you’re going to love them.

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There’s No ‘Perfect’ Age For Success In Entrepreneurship

The Only Requirement For Success Is To Want To Succeed

A lot of folk assume that entrepreneurs are young, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, you get the same excuses from folk who are young as you do from folk who are older.

  • I’m too young
  • I’m too old
  • There’s not enough time
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t know where to start

But the truth is… these are just excuses. There’s perks to starting a business young, and there’s perks to starting a business when you’re older, they’re just different.

The bottom line is, there’s no age limit to success.

And this blog post explains exactly why.


6 Expensive Things That Are Totally Worth The Money

Consider The Cost The Japanese Way

Years ago, when I was in Japan, I was told that the best way to decide if something was worth the cost was to divide the cost by the amount of times you’re likely to use.

For example, you may buy a pair of shoes for $300 and are only likely to wear them twice. That gives them a price of $150 per use. If you’re only going to be using them for four hours each time, that’s $32.50 per hour. Pretty expensive for a pair of shoes.

On the other hand, you may spend $30,000 on a car which you’re going to drive for an hour to work each day each way. That’s two hours per day. You’ll probably also spend a couple of hours each weekend in the car as well. A total of 12 hours per week or 624 hours per year. If you plan on keeping the car for three years, you will spend 1872 hours in your car. That means it’s costing you $16.03 per hour, pretty much half the price of the pair of shoes for $300.

There are some things though that you should never skimp on, and this blog posts lists the six most important.

And I’ve got to be honest… I agree with all of them!


Paying For Software

Why It’s Worth The Pain

Sometimes it’s hard to pay for software. It’s hard to see the value in it, especially when there’s often free open source software which will usually do the job just as well.

Or seem to on the front.

But here’s the thang… free isn’t always the best value.

You’ve got to thing about what happens when it breaks, if you want it to do something else or on-boarding support.

Seth Godin puts it very succintly here.

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