How do you come up for names with products?

It’s one of the things I’m worst at.

There’s a bunch of tools and websites giving ideas for how to generate names. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Think of related words
  • Invent your own words
  • Translate into another language
  • Use your own name
  • Abbreviate
  • Make grammar mistakes intentionally
  • Pick a random word

Honestly, I’ve not found any website that has a good way of inventing names.

In my experience some people are good at it, and others aren’t.

I fall into the latter category, so I usually I ask my Holly or my mum for names.

They’re both pretty good at it.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing this morning.

Yet again it’s been proven that this is my best course of action 😉

Thank you to everybody who completed this survey yesterday. So far the response has been incredible, and it seems like a free autoresponder is a pretty popular idea 😉

There’s still time to send me your thoughts on it here if you haven’t done so yet.



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