This is what everyone’s looking for. The golden treasure. The lottery win. The big gamble paying off.

I’m going to give you the brutal truth right now…

It doesn’t work like that.

And trust me, when I talk about big gambles paying off, I know.

I love horse racing, and have spent many years making a good living from it. The number one reason a sports bettor fails to make money from sports betting, is they’re living for the big win.

Nah ah.

Wrong way to do it.

The individual wins and losses are irrelevant, it’s all about the long-term. It’s all about having a strategy that makes you money at the end of this year, next year and every year for the next twenty years.

When you’re betting professionally, you run it like a bizniss. You focus on the return on investment you’re getting form each bet.

And it’s the same with an online business.

You can’t be looking for that big win, that lottery ticket. If you do, then you’re gonna be going down the pathway of buying products that say crap like…

Make $100 in the next hour by reading

Never gonna happen.

It’s not possible.

They’re just praying on the folk who want that big win.

What you gotta do is build a system that’s going to make you money in three months, six months, one year, and every year following.

It’s about making money consistently in the long-term.

Next month’s Business Ignition is going to be a bit different, it’s going to be a detailed one-off report that will show you…

* A complete step-by-step process to generating a mailing list without paying for it

* How to piggy-back big promoters without them knowing

* Copywriting like a pro even if you can’t write

* Generating sales within your first week

* Quick-fire tools to set yourself up in just a couple of hours

Oooooooh yeah baby, it’s sending shivers down my spine already!


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