The Exotic Pet Refuge

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My mum’s decided to do some volunteering work, and she found an “exotic pet refuge” near by that needed some help with their admin.

It sounded interesting, so I offered to drive her down to this refuge to meet them.

And wow, what I saw was nothing like what I was expecting!

We found the gate which led into it, and rang the doorbell. One of those bells where you have to spin it as fast as possible to make a sound.

The zookeeper, Jane, came out too greet us, and what a lovely person.

Anyhoo, this place was awesome.

It had reptiles, snakes, alligators, monkeys, wolves, owls, meerkats, lynx and loads of wild cats.

The story behind it is even more incredible…

Pam, the lady who owns it, started it when someone came to her with an injured bird.

And since then, it’s been a labour of love.

There’s only one full-time employee, Jane. All the enclosures are built by volunteers. All the care of animals is done by volunteers, overseen by Jane.

Pam’s son heads-up the volunteers who build the enclosures.

They make next-to-no money.

And the place is wonderful.

Who’d have thought that in the middle of some fields, in the middle of a small village, in the middle of England, was a refuge that had exotic animals brought to it from some of the largest animal charities in the country.

But here’s the thing…

They pretty much do no marketing at the moment. At least, not compared to the big charities.

And then I realised, the business model in Business Ignition would work for this business.

This is something they can implement, takes very little time, and will help to grow their profile.

The principles of making money are universal, whether you’re running an Exotic Pet Refuge, or selling ebooks.

You can get your sticky fingers on the how, by visiting this website.


P.S. Next time I’m there I’ll take some videos 🙂

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