The dictatorship of Facebook

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Today’s email is late… why? Because I wrote it, it was pretty lengthy, and then I hit the close button by mistake without saving it.

Man that’s irritating!

I seem to do that at least once every few months.

Hey ho.

It just means that today’s email is running later than normal 🙂

And to be honest, I was just having a rant.

Because Facebook are being a bunch of a**holes.

My personal Instagram account at has been around for ages. I only recently started putting photos up on it.

Then… yesterday… I tried to reply to a comment from a friend and was told there was a URL in my profile that wasn’t safe.


I checked my profile and there was a link to

But that has been there forever.

The only change I made yesterday was putting on CloudFlare as a DNS server.

That could be the reason, but it would be odd.

For whatever reason Instagram (or should I say Facebook) have decided that my personal blog has malicious content.

Any way to appeal it, or just ask a human being the reason?


It’s their way or no way.

And that really pees me off.

However, that’s life, so I’ll get over it.

The real interesting thing is whether CloudFlare is going to be worth using or not.

Any thoughts?

All the best,


P.S. I’ve recently started up with PPV advertising again for one of my businesses, but getting 24,000 views in a couple of hours killed my server response time.

Which is one of the reasons I’ve started looking at using CloudFlare 😉

I’ll keep you posted.

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