Surviving a ‘Brain Eating’ Infection

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There’s this teenager called Sebastian down in Florida, he got a headache which got worse and worse. Eventually, it got so bad that his parents took him down to the hospital to get him checked out. And a good thing to, because…

…he had an infection from a parasite that literally eats the brain.

The hospital put him into a coma, and injected him with an anti-parasitic drug. Against all the odds, he woke up.

He’s only the fourth person in the US to have survived this infection in the last fifty years.

Which is incredible.

Now it’s nothing like that, thank god, but sometimes I feel that marketers have had some kind of brain-eating virus when I read the posts they make online.

I mean…

What are people using sales pages for?

How do I create my own ebook?

Anyone tried advertising? Did it work?

The list goes on and on and on.

Seriously. People are asking these types of questions every day.

If you’re one of the people asking these questions, then please scroll to the bottom of this email and hit the unsubscribe button.

Think about it, these questions require almost zero effort to answer, even if you’ve never thought about starting an online business.

People use sales pages for selling, the clue’s in the question.

You create your own ebook by sitting down and writing about something you know about.

As for the last one, surely only somebody who’s disconnected from the world and never goes out could ask that. I mean, you barely need to move to see an advert, and if they didn’t work they wouldn’t be everywhere.

But even folk asking these kinda questions would be able to make a profitable online business using Business Ignition, because it’s step-by-step simplicity.

And next months magazine will be going to print shortly.


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