Sticky floors (and why they make money)

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Most people want to make money doing something they enjoy. Heck, I’d argue that most people don’t want to be super-rich, even if they think they do.


Because what they actually want is a certain lifestyle. And when it comes down to it, you don’t need to be super-rich to attain it, you need to have time.

After all, time is the only thing you have a limited supply of, once it’s spent you can never get it back.

Which is why time is the most precious thing you have, and you shouldn’t give it away cheaply.

So while most people want to enjoy the time they spend making money, they don’t think outside of the box about how to get there.

It’s amazing what can make money when you start looking for things that can give you enough, rather than things that will make you super-rich.

I’m sure when some bloke said…

I’m going to rent a room. Then I’m going to paint it black. Inside this black room I’m going to put some flashing lights and music. I’ll buy the cheapest alcohol, but only when it’s about to go past it’s sell by date so I can get it even cheaper. I’ll sell it cheap, but still at a 300% mark-up, and then I’ll charge people to come in.

Yup, I know you’ve been in one of those clubs. They’re the ones that you can feel your feet sticking to the floor when you walk in, because the alcohol has so much sugar in it no amount of mopping can get the stickiness out.

When you look at it like above, you’d think the idea was ridiculous. Who’d want to pay $10, $20 or $50 to get in somewhere like that for a few hours, and when inside have to spend more money.

It makes no sense!

Yet, people love it because:

1) People like to get drunk
2) People like to dance
3) People like the idea of a bargain

And let’s be honest, when you’re young, cheap booze like that feels like a bargain, even if you’re paying to get in.

So my advice to you is… don’t aim to be super-rich, aim to have enough, and start thinking outside the box.



P.S. This is the outside of my box!

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