That’s one way of describing a baby, not the way Holly prefers admittedly, but one that was used on some packaging for baby toys we received.

One thing that’s happened since Max had his shunt put in, he’s begun crying, in earnest, twenty four hours a day.

It’s a mix between a blessing, because we know that means the pressure on his brain’s been relieved, and tiredness, because we’re now not sleeping.


I’m super-excited, because tomorrow I’m hoping to be able to send you images of the new and updated Business Ignition.

It freakin’ rocks!

There’s the new, all unique 2017 Business Ignition binder, so you’ve got somewhere to store all the knowledge. It’s gonna be like having a marketing bible on your shelf!

Then there are six modules specially wrapped and ready to put into the binder.

Plus… the December edition of the magazine, which is a complete guide to copywriting.

In it, I share something that I’ve never shared before. The exact system I use to write copy. This method is responsible for…

* Making over £1,000,000 in sales

* Generating 40,000 leads in four months

* Creating landing pages that convert at up to 70%

* Writing sales copy that converts at up to 24%

Put simply, even if you’ve never written copy before, this will turn you into a pro copywriter who outperforms five and six-figure copywriters, in a few weeks.

It’s so easy it hurts.

Just follow the steps, and the world is your oyster.


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