You want a mailing list?

You want more leads?

Then you’re going to need a squeeze page that absolutely rocks!

To do that you’re also going to need something that allows you to create squeeze pages, and there’s a ton of tools out there that do it.

How the feck do you choose one of those tools?

Well I’ve pretty much used every single one of them including Instabuilder, Leadpages, Clickfunnels pre-built templates etc…

The one I use now (and friggin love) is made by Thrive Themes. It’s called Thrive Landing Pages.

Imaginative name huh!

You can take a look at it here, and then keep reading to find out why I use it.

First reason is that it’s cheap and a one-off fee. Most other companies try to get you into a monthly subscription based on the quantity of leads or traffic that you’re pushing through them.

When you scale up that can hurt big time.

Secondly… it’s hosted on your own website, which means you’re in control of it and the leads never get passed through someone else’s system.

There are some big names in the IM space, which I’m not going to mention so don’t ask, who have reputations for building products that require their users to put their leads into. They then take these leads and market to them and sell them on.

Is it illegal?

Nope. They don’t say anywhere they’re not going to use your leads. In fact they probably say somewhere in the small print that they will use them.

Do I want to be giving my leads away to someone else without knowing about it? Absolutely friggin not.

Okay, moving on…

Thrive Landing Pages is simple. Damn simple. It’s a WordPress plugin that creates a drag and drop page where you can build your landing pages.

And… it comes with 122 pre-built templates to get you started straight away.

Now I want to be honest. I almost never use the pre-made templates, unless I’m in a serious hurry, because I can make way better converting landing pages.

Which I’ll show you how to do in my next email.

For now…

This is the landing page plugin I use and recommend.

Catch you in a bit,


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