(rant) Stop wasting your f*****g money!

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I spent six months working on a product and when I released it nobody bought it. How can I sell more?

This is from an email I received last week, and it makes me want to stick my fingers in my eyes.

I feel for the guy, that’s a lot of time and work, and probably money too.

But he’s got it all wrong. Shame he didn’t find me sooner, like six months ago before he even began to build his product.

Because this is the wrong way to go about making a product.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again now and I’ll probably say it in the future.

Don’t spend ages making your product. Don’t try and make it perfect.

That’s a method of development which is dead.

It doesn’t work any more.

You cannot predict what your market wants!

Heck, even the multi-billion dollar companies have trouble predicting what people want and they have hundreds of analysts, so what chance have you got.

The only way to be successful quickly online, is to use the rough-and-ready approach. Officially it’s called ‘agile’ development, but the bottom line is it’s rough and ready.

Quite simply it’s…

1) Research and find a problem that needs a solution in your niche.

2) Work out what you think would solve that problem.

3) Create the simplest, quickest version of it possible (it should take less than 4 weeks).

4) Sell it and use the feedback from your customers to rapidly change it to the product they want.

We live in an age of technology and communication. This means we don’t need to predict what our customers want, we just ask them!

Make your product quickly and simply, sell it to your list and let your customers tell you what’s wrong with it or what it’s missing and you won’t have wasted months building something people don’t want.

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