Offline Businesses Still Work In The Stone Age!

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It never ceases to amaze me at how much the internet is miss-understood by businesses. Most offline business quite simply don’t get it.

They don’t understand how it works or how to market and connect to their audience using the internet. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. They also don’t understand how to change the processes within their company to maximise the use of modern technology and make it work for them.

A perfect example of this was when I met a very good friend for a drink recently. He is the director of a large company that employs a lot of casual staff. They spend tens of thousands every year scheduling what hours these staff are going to be working.


I have no doubt that money could be put to better use. With modern technology it is a fairly simple task to create a website where each of those staff members can login and schedule their own work hours. A phone call may still be needed to get people to cover the slots that aren’t wanted but we’re looking at just a few hours a week. Putting this in place would be an instant huge saving on their bills.

Is it complicated. No. Is it difficult. Not really. Is it expensive. No.

So why haven’t they done it, after all he’s a very clever guy. You need to be if you’re in charge of a big company.

The reason is because he’s not looking at the business from a new perspective. He’s not looking at what can be done with technology and how that can improve the efficiency of his company.

They are still using computers as a simple tool to process and file. They’re not taking what’s available and developing new concepts of how to cut down costs and automate repetitive and costly tasks.

It’s a fact that the majority of offline companies still work in the stone age. They’re set in their ways and they don’t use technology to increase revenue and reduce cost. And this means that if you have the knowledge of internet marketing and business automation, the next ten years is going to be an excellent time for you. All these business will NEED to learn, and to do that they’re going to need consultants to help them!

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