[NUMBER 2] Welcome To The Ghost Train

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Last week I began an email series about driving traffic to your website. The plan was each day, for nearly fifty days, I would give you one strategy to use.

It hasn’t quite worked out like that, but today is number two 😉

You’ll always know when it’s a strategy, because the email will begin with…


And yes the X will be replaced with the strategy number we’re on.

I hope you like ghost trains and horror movies, because today I’m gonna scare you. I’m about to recommend you do something that most people are terrified of.

Before you start thinking I’m mad, remember this…

Most folk don’t make any money online.

So if most people are terrified of doing it, and those of us that make a living online are telling you it works, then… it’s probably gonna work ;0

Get in your cart, pull down the safety bar and here we go…

You should use Facebook ads to send traffic to your blog posts.


Yes, drive paid traffic to your blog posts.

But the key is… on those blog posts you want to have a content gate. This is where you provide your free ebook, checklist, video, images, whatever it may be to your readers. But your visitors need to enter their email address to download it.

See what we’ve done.

Blog posts usually generate the least ROI. Everyone focuses on writing them, coz you get free traffic right!, but forget that if you want that free traffic, that SEO goodness, you’ve got to:

A) Right a shite load of them

B) Do it for a long time

C) Know what you’re doing with keywords and SEO

And all of that takes… time and/or money.

Having done all this, you put the blog post up on your blog, maybe email your list about it, maybe not, and thats it.

No, no, no my pretty.

That’s craziness. Spending hours of time and money to produce high quality content that you then hope drives you traffic.

We want to use it to create leads to build our mailing list, so we can then make some money, rather than just spend it.

Which is where your content gate will come in. Half-way through your post, wherever it fits nicely with the content, you put a little box with a link to get your free cheatsheet, checklist, or whatever it may be. When a reader clicks on that, they get a pop-up to opt-in to your mailing list to receive it.

Oh so simple but oh so perfect.

If you just have a standard free ebook at the bottom of the post, the type that relates to your niche but not specifically to that post, you’ll probably get around 1% opting in.

Follow what I’ve just shown you here, and you’ll get 5% or 6%.

That’s an increase of 500% for something that takes a short amount of time to setup.

And when you’re getting 5% or 6%, you can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to that page.

Now 5% or 6% opting in may not sound like much compared to landing pages that get 30%, 40% or even 50% and higher.

But… these are people who’ve come to your post, read your content, loved it, and decided they want more.

These are the best leads you can possibly have. You’ll get less of them, but they’ll be worth ten times more than any others.

Remember, email lists are about the quality not the size.

And if you’re not sure how to make the pop-up for people to opt-in, I use this plugin, which is dreamy…



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