Never trust a dog!

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Last week I got an email from Rick, in reply to the email I wrote about my burglar alarm going off at 1:30am and scaring the s**t out of me!

Here’s what he said…

“I would have done as you did, only with my navy colt in hand. From experience Dogs have never been a great indicator of anything wrong happening. I slept soundly in my Lazy Boy while my rims and tires were being stolen off of my truck in the driveway 20 feet away. My two big dogs slept soundly as well and didn’t alert me to the perpetrators although the screened front door and two screened windows were open.”

No Navy Colt’s allowed in the UK though, so I couldn’t do the bit with the gun.

What I found most disturbing, was the bit about the dogs!

If Rick has two big dogs, and they both slept while people were steeling the wheels (what we in the UK call ‘rims’) off his truck in the drive, then my whole world just fell apart.

The first thing I do when there’s possible trouble is look to BeeBee.

Admittedly, if there were burglars in the house, she’d probably assume that they’d broken in specifically to feed her treats and sit on the sofa to fuss her.

Which isn’t really what you want from a guard dog.

The only thing she’s likely to be guarding, is the dog biscuit tin.


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