Michael’s Kitchen Nightmares

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After this morning, I know exactly what Gordon Ramsey feels like when he’s walked into a shit restaurant where nobody seems to have a friggin clue what they’re doing.

Today Porcelanosa were meant to deliver the kitchen and bathrooms for my mum’s new house.

And… they turned up with just the kitchen and no tiles.

To make matters worse one of the pallets was smashed and some of the crates were bulging.

Hopefully most of this is just package damage, but I’m taking no chances, especially since they’ve been a complete nightmare to deal with from beginning to end.

So… we got in touch with them, the bathroom delivery hadn’t even been scheduled. Apparently they’re separate departments, and when you ask for your delivery date, and it’s confirmed, there’s no mention you have to request them separately.

Immediately you start thinking to yourself that you’re dealing with a bunch of a**holes.

We’re then told not to accept anything that’s delivered if the packaging is damaged in anyway.

So the driver then gets held up for nearly two hours, because almost every pallet has some form of issue, and then…

…he goes, leaving a very damn expensive kitchen sitting on a driveway and unsigned for by anybody.

What kitchen?

I haven’t seen a kitchen, have you?!

The saga doesn’t end there, but turns out we could have had an extra 20% of at trade prices.

Usually I wouldn’t argue this, since we didn’t go in for trade purchase at the beginning, but as I’ve been steadily getting the feeling they’ve screwed us, I think fuck it, I’m going to.

And before the guy who came round from the local branch to try and help leaves, we learn that we can’t fit the kitchen until the tiles go down. And, you guessed it, the kitchen tiles get delivered with the bathrooms.

I mean, I’m not sure there could be worse service.


That feels better.

Expect to see some pictures of these assholes delivery soon.

In the meantime, I successfully managed to send out an email yesterday to Philips monster affiliate book one hour early, so my link didn’t work properly.

Here’s the link you need, and it’s all working now. I’ve double-checked!




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