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It’s wet, windy and I’m knackered. I’ve had a series of late nights, we’ve got the architects, builders and mothers up all day today, and then Holly’s cousins arriving tomorrow.

So I thought… f**k it. I’m gonna make myself feel better by sharing some love with you guys.

The hardest part of making money online is… the first dollar.

Until you earn that first dollar, you wonder if it’s even possible. You think, mayhaps, some of those folk are talking out of their a-holes.

Which is kinda fair enough.

So… if you’ve not yet made your first dollar online, let’s do that today, right now.

If you have, well, we always like to have another dollar in our back pocket 😉

I’m gonna assume you have some kind of following, whether it’s a blog with an RSS feed, email list, Facebook group, Twitter following etc…

But if you don’t, then fear not. You can simply post this on your Facebook wall, and share with other folks or, even better, you can phone someone who you know that may be interested.

Here’s how you do it…

1. Write down one thing that you’re best at online. It could be building websites, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, email copy, sales copy, landing pages, product creation. Literally anything, as long as it’s something that can be done online.

2. Cross off anything more than the one thing you are super-confident in (I know you wrote down more than one thing mwahahah).

3. Drop a 24 hour special on every form of communication you have (email list, Twitter, Facebook etc…), phone friends who may be interested, offering to do your one thing for $1, as long as they purchase today. Link it to a Paypal button so they can pay.

You WILL make at least one sale, and that could be your first dollar earned online.

But hold-up Michael. I’m gonna be on an hourly rate of about a dollar. That’s not gonna support me!

Well spotted my amigo.

But this isn’t about supporting your luxury lifestyle. Yet.

This is about:

a) Making your first dollar online, so you know it can be done.

b) Generating leads that get their wallets out (known as a trip-wire product).

And all your giving away is… time.

Yes, time is the most precious commodity, and that’s what will make this offer so good. Where can someone get a landing page made, or email copy written for $1?

They can’t.

Your job is to make sure that the work you give these people is super-fantastic. I mean the kind of work they’d expect to pay hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for.

And then… when you deliver the work to your client. You say…

I’m sure you’re happy with your “product name”. If you’ve got any questions ,then please let me know. I’m also offering my existing customers some special deals on other services at the moment. These include:

Then list the other services/products you can offer. Put the official price, with a line through it, and then put an offer price.

Don’t be greedy.

Let’s say you’ve written a week of Facebook posts for someone for a dollar. Then you can tell them if they want more Facebook posts, normally you’d charge $275 a month for three posts a day, but as they’re a previous client, you’re currently offering it for $130 a month. Then drop a link into a Paypal subscription.

See what’s happening here?

You’ve brought in a bunch of clients by offering your time for effectively free. But the key is… it’s not been free, they’ve still had to pay, albeit one dollar. They’re now your clients. Which means you now have a list of people who are prepared to pay for the type of work you’ve just done. They know how much it will cost normally, so go in and half the rate of normal costs on a special offer, and some of them will take you up on it.

Simple and effective, and can be done right now.

And since you’re doing that, and I’m balls-out knackered, I’m going to sign-off until tomorrow 😉


P.S. I almost forgot to plug Business Ignition 😉 Here’s where to go for the ultimate online business.

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