Mail a bag of dicks

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Yesterday I got a spam email with the subject line:

Anonymously Mail a Bag of Dicks

And I was so stunned that a spammer had written such a good subject line that I stopped and opened the email.

They were promoting gummy sweets in the shape of… well you already know that from the subject line… which would be posted anonymously so you could send them to whoever you liked.

It’s a weird thing to get in a spam email.

But hey, maybe some folk buy into it.

Me… I thought it was worth writing about because it’s an excellent example of a shock email subject line.

It was so good that I used it in todays email.

Shock email subject lines can be incredibly effective at getting folk to open your emails.

But the key to using them, is not to do it too frequently.

If you use these types of subject lines too frequently then your audience become numb to them.

Kinda like tabloid newspapers!

Which, as it happens, is one of the best places to get shock subject lines from.

Check out todays headline story on the Daily Mail website:

My Nukes Are Bigger

You don’t even need to edit that to be able to use it as a subject line!

But from this one story you could also get the following subject lines:

Trump Warns Kim
Mine is “much bigger” than yours
The size of his ass!
Nuclear Buttons

Five subject lines in a few second from one newspaper story on one newspaper site.

You don’t need to go anywhere else for inspiration 😉

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