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It’s farcical

It’s farcical

I read the news this morning that Donald Trump has decided not to visit the UK because…

I mean dude… grow up!

Of course, there’s likely to be other reasons he doesn’t want to the visit, but publically saying you’re not going to visit the country that’s on of you’re closest allies because the previous administration did something you didn’t like, is ridiculous.

Every government has things the previous government did that they didn’t like, that’s called politics.

Oh… and just in case anyone forgot… it was George W Bush’s administration who made the decision to move the embassy back in October 2008.

Anyhoo, why am I bringing this up on a Friday?

Because, if I’m honest, it’s yet another thing that’s gobsmacked me about the Trump administration.

And with that, my brain is fried. I’ll be back tomorrow with my usual email 😉



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