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Some companies have no respect. And top of that list are delivery companies.

Today, I’m waiting in for a delivery, and the potential delivery time is anything from 7am to 7pm.


They can’t even give a morning or an evening. It drives me nuts. It’s as if we have nothing better to do than sit at home twiddling our thumbs while we wait for them.


It is what it is, and I will just have to suck it up.

In the meantime, it’s given me the time to do a few things I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. I run a strict, four hour or less work day. Which is what the folk who have Business Ignition are in the processing of building for themselves.

But today, I’m kinda trapped in the house, so I’ll get some other things done.

This is primarily gonna be to do with the new design on my blog.

Which if you haven’t see, is here: http://www.michaelwilding.com/blog/

I built this entire new design in less than 3 hours.

But more importantly…

I built this landing page in just 20 minutes: http://www.michaelwilding.com/

And it converts at nearly 40%!

Now before you go and get all excited, don’t go and copy it straight out of the box. That’s not cool. And folk will know it’s not your own work.

Instead, let me break down the four steps that makes it work, so you can create your own landing page that converts at 40%.

1. A simple headline that explains an immediate benefit

2. An opt-in button which stands out against it’s surroundings

3. Benefit re-confirmed multiple times on the page

4. Only requesting an email address (no name)

That’s it!

Too many people spend hours agonising over the background, text font and other things.

Do they make a difference?

Yup. If you’re driving tens of thousands of clicks to it. With those kind of numbers, a small percentage increase is going to make a big difference.

If you’re driving a few hundred clicks a month, or even a week, then don’t sweat about it. Those small percentage increases aren’t worth the time. Just put the landing page up and start sending traffic.


Oh yeah. This is what I use to build all my landing pages.



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