Earlier this week BeeBee went to the vet to have a cyst removed. In order to do the operation they had to shave some of her fur.

Something you can’t get away from is that an operation looks way worse when they’ve had to shave a patch of fur!

There’s something about the square that’s been shaved with a frankenstein-esque cut sewn together with nylon in the middle of it.

Here’s BeeBee’s stitches…

It’s not looking so bad now, but it was pretty gruesome whe she first got back.

As if that’s not enough woes in one week, I’ve also had a cough for nearly two months and Holly forced me to the doctor yesterday.

Turns out that it’s acid in the stomach. Well, either it’s that or it’s some kind of nast stomach bug. Time will tell.

Who knew that acid reflux could you give you a cough. I sure as heck didn’t, but then maybe that’s just my lack of common knowlede.

Anyhoo… apparently the acid can sit on your throat during the evening and night, causing a cough that won’t go away.

What is it about getting older that means you get more stomach acid?

I never used to get it, and now I have to have water with my whisky because I get heart burn otherwise.

I know, you don’t need to tell me, it’s a hard life 😀

But that’s enough of my nattering, check out today’s best stories from the world of business, entrepreneurialism and life in general.




Trump You Twat

The Man Gets More Horrific With Every Passing Minute

I had to start with this story because it just beggars belief.

What has he done this time?

Here’s what…

  • President Donald Trump expressed admiration for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s rule over his country.
  • Trump called Kim “a tough guy” for being able to “take over a country” at 27-years-old.
  • In 2017, Trump made similar comments about Kim. Trump described Kim as a “a pretty smart cookie” for cementing his dictatorial rule after his father, Kim Jong-il, died in 2011.

It seems that he’s forgotten that Kim has killed many people in the path to retaining his grip on power, including his own uncle and half-brother.

It seems he’s ignored that he’s a dictator who seriously abuses the people in his country.

Incredibly he has come out saying he admires what he’s doing!

I mean, if I was living in the US and my president said he admired the work of a murdering dictator, I’d be booking a flight out of the country.

Here’s the whole story.


6 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Every Marketer Makes

There’s no point in making the same mistakes as other people when it comes to your paid advertising.

After all, it’s going to cost you money to make mistakes, and if someone else has already spent the money making those mistakes and is happy to share them with you, then you’d be stupid not to listen to them.

That’s exactly what Convince And Convert has done in this article.


Get 60 Percent More Engagement From Your Emails

9 Email List Segmentation Strategies

You know me, I love email marketing. Heck, my entire business is based on email marketing.

There’s still no better way to sell online than to have a responsive email list.

In the last few years segmentation and engagement has been the all-consuming topic in this industry as email providers give more importance to engagement from your emails when they decide if it’s going to the inbox or the spam folder.

It’s definitely possible to go overboard on the segmentation process, I know because I’ve done it.

But there are some segmentations which can make a big different to you, and these are the most important ones

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