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F**k me it hurts

F**k me it hurts

It was Holly’s birthday yesterday, and on the way down to London to celebrate I felt the first twinges in my back.

By the evening I could barely walk, and this morning…

…well this morning I’m hobbling around with a walking stick and going to the doctors in half an hour.

A walking stick at 36, not good, but better than a grown man collapsing in a heap on the floor!

I’ve got some worn discs at the bottom of my spine, but haven’t had a flare up for nearly two years.

It’s sure as hell making up for it now.

And I know why it’s happened, which is even more annoying.

I cancelled my gym membership when Max was born because we were in hospital for so long, and then with all the driving to and from Cambridge, there was no way I was ever going to get to the gym.

Which means for 11 months, yes he’s one next month which is insane, I’ve not done any stretching or serious exercise.

But it’s that stretching and serious exercise which stops my back from playing up (and has the side benefit of keeping me healthy and slim!).

So I’ve got nobody to blame except myself, which makes me sad, because instead of waking Holly up on her birthday with a cup of tea in bed, she was woken by something that sounded like the living dead trying to get up.

Anyhoo… the good news… I work from home, on my own time, when I want.

That’s the beauty of an internet biz.

And if you want an internet biz too, then you can get my step-by-step blueprint which will show you EXACTLY how to build one in the next ninety days.

Here be’ath (is that a word?) the link:



I’m off to see a doctor and lie on a sofa all day waiting for the pain to subside. I may be forced to watch some White Coller (my current trashy TV show of choice)

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