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Can you say “county” six times very fast?

Can you say “county” six times very fast?

This weekend we went on an impromptu visit to the Rutland County fair.

It was my first time, that I remember, in a county fair, and I’ve got to be honest… I had a damn good time.

I also found the whole thing kinda entertaining.

Let’s be honest, there are few places in this world where you can draw a crowd of hundreds to watch a “dog and duck” show.

No joke. This actually happened.

We started by watching action horses in the main show-ring, which was pretty awesome. Holly particularly liked them being dressed up as Prince Charming.

The commentator between the shows, let’s be honest… couldn’t commentate.

I’ve got no idea how he got the job but I kinda fancy doing it myself and, based on this single experience, I couldn’t do it any worse.

At one point he spent three minutes shuffling papers and saying ‘Erm, Agh, Uhmm’ while he looked for who the next act were.

Anyhoo… back to the “dog and duck” show.

Although it could do with a name change, branding clearly isn’t their thang, it was actually pretty impressive for a chap from the city (like me) to see two dogs herding ducks over what can only be described as an assault course.

But what impressed me more, was the crowd it drew!

There were literally hundreds of people watching.

And that proves the point I’ve been making for nearly a decade…

There is an audience who will pay for entertainment and information in almost any market.

So don’t try and teach something you don’t know how to do, or don’t enjoy.

Life’s too short.

Choose something you love, and then go find out where your audience hangs out.

Sometimes they’ll be online, other times they may be at a county fair!

But even if they’re at the county fair, don’t forget that every single person there has a computer and mobile phone.

Which means… they’re all on the internet and they’re all consuming digital content.

If they’re consuming digital content and are interested in your niche, then it doesn’t matter whether you find them online or offline, they’re still potential customers for a digital product.



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In my career I have worked as a professional actor, senior footwear designer, professional bettor and internet marketer, as well as a variety of other short-term and rather humorous jobs. Internet marketing has allowed me to combine all the skills I’ve learnt throughout my other professions in a unique way to give me a different view of how we can use marketing to build relationships that allow us to communicate on a personal level with our readers.

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