Can I twang you?

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So… it turned out that I did absolutely no writing while I was away for a couple of days with Holly!

Which means that it’s going to be a bit longer until you receive my epic guide on how to get started with Amazon SES.

On the journey to Newcastle, we discovered something special…

…that I no longer seem to use the word ‘send’ when talking about communication.

It’s a fact that I now use words like ‘ping’ and ‘shoot’ when talking about sending an email or message to someone.

And this makes Holly cry with laughter.

So much so that it’s now become a competition!

Now the aim is to be able to put the words ‘twang’ and ‘zap’ into a conversation with somebody when asking them to send me a message.

If that works I’ll try more and more ridiculous words until somebody calls me on it.

But I need some ridiculous words to try.

Which is why I’m asking you to hit the reply button and send me some suggestions of words I need to use in my next phone conversation with someone 😉



P.S. I know the ads have been the same for the last few emails, that’s about to change and I’ll share with you why shortly.

In the meantime… please click them as much as possible 😉

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  • Nicola
    December 1, 2017

    ping; zing; pop; wamt’me (write a mail to me); fling; lob; paemo pronounced ‘paymo’ (pop an email over); 🙂

    • Michael Wilding
      December 2, 2017

      hahaha 🙂