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A fair question.

There’s so much going on out there about internet marketing it can be pretty damn hard to know where the hell to start.

Right now I’m going to fix this once and for all, because there is only one place to start…

A mailing list.

End of.

You don’t need a blog, yes it’s good to have one but you don’t need one.

You don’t need social media accounts and campaigns. Yes they’re also good to have, but you don’t need one.

You only need one thing to make money online… a mailing list. Everything else can come later.

Now you know what you need to do, you can thank me for that later when you’re making your first bucks online 😉

Anyhoo… you need to start a mailing list.

And I’m going to say something weird, something that nobody else has probably said to you.

Don’t worry about how you’re going to make it profit yet

Think about what you’re mailing list is going to be about. Ask yourself:

What do you know about?

What knowledge can you share?

What’s your expertise?

Write those answers down. Then head over to our Facebook group and post them there.

You don’t have to be be writing about how to make money online in order to make money online. That’s not how I got started. You want to get started by writing about something  you know and love.

Full stop.


P.S. I’m looking forward to hearing what you’re going to be building your mailing list about in our FB group.

P.P.S. Want a free trial to the AWeber autoresponder for your mailing lists? Here you go…

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