Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Michael Wilding and I am the owner of Anonymous Ginger, a digital marketing company, and I make a living online.

In my career I have worked as a professional actor, senior footwear designer, professional bettor and internet marketer, as well as a variety of other short-term and rather humorous jobs which you will find me writing about occasionally in the pages of this site!

Internet marketing has allowed me to combine all the skills I’ve learnt throughout my other professions in a unique way to give me a different view of how we can use marketing to build relationships that allow us to communicate on a personal level with our readers.

My personal life has been no less exciting. I’ve recently got married and the third person in our family is BeeBee, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier. My passion outside of work is for travel, having been to over 50 countries and trying to get to at least one or two more every year. During these travels I’ve been chased through the streets of Bangkok, homeless in Cape Town and evacuated by the military from a Mexican jungle!

This site is my personal blog. It’s going to contain my thoughts on marketing, business automation, travel and other spontaneous posts.

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Mentions – Some of the places I’ve been mentioned

Sphere Magazine 23rd October 2014

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