A New World Order

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Sometimes something happens that just rocks your world. They come out of the blue with no word of warning, and often no rhyme or reason.

But here’s the thing…

You have to pick yourself up and keep going.

It’s a part of life, a hard part sometimes, but a part none the less.

And it’s the same with internet marketing.

You may have been implementing a specific process when… BAM… it stops working.

Screaming, shouting, punching walls, whatever it is you want to do will help you feel better. But then, you’ve just got to pick up and start again.

I remember a while back, I was building a product for Agora, it was a piece of software, and it had taken a couple of months to build. We were nearing the end when…

…my developer tried to blackmail me for the code.

Well, I think it’s fair to say I don’t take blackmailing very well.

Initially I swore and ranted at whoever would listen, then an hour later I phoned up Agora, explained what was happening, and said it wouldn’t affect the delivery of the product.

All it meant was I needed to start building it again, and had half the time to build it in. I asked around and got recommended to to an excellent, if expensive, developer who jumped on board and began building the software from scratch.

Meanwhile I told the original guy to go f**k himself.

What happened?

He tried to contact Agora and sell them the partially finished software. They told him the same thing as me.

After all, who the hell would want to work with someone that does that? Nobody.

He then came back to me and tried to sell it to me again.

To late sunshine, now your not getting paid for the work you’ve already done, and there’s absolutely no way I’m going to start working with you.

Then… he tried to offer to go back to our original agreement, and then to finish it for less.

All of them got the hand.

By trying to be greedy, he ended up with nothing. For me, being so close to finishing a major project and coming up against that, was the worst thing that could happen.

But in the end… I just picked myself up, and found a way to solve the problem at hand.

Whatever comes at you, spend a bit of time screaming, shouting or doing whatever makes you feel better. Then pick yourself up, and move forwards.

Over and out for the weekend,


P.S. People are still thanking me for sending them to this gem.

P.P.S. Thanks for all the feedback on autoresponders. If you haven’t replied yet, there’s still time here.

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