18 Things Facebook Knows About You (that you don’t!)

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Every day that goes past there’s another news story about social media and the amount of data they posess on you, and each time it gets a little bit more freaky.

The reason for this, as I personally see it, is because all these social media companies are worth hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars.

But… they don’t actually make that much money.

Why are they valued so highly if they’re not making much money?

Because they hold so much data on people, and in theory that can be used to make money.

Only problem is… using that data is getting pretty hard without extra permissions. They don’t want to ask your permission because, let’s be honest, you’ll probably say no. However, if they don’t use that data to make money then their company becomes valueless.

Tricky position to be in as a business.

Today’s story about Facebook is yet another example of the freakiness of what’s going on.

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The 18 Things You May Not Realise Facebook Knows About You

Firm Reveals The Extent Of Its Spying In A 454-page Document To Congress

Just some of those things include:

  • Facebook knows your exact mouse movements and battery status
  • It can tell if your browser window is ‘foregrounded or backgrounded’
  • In some cases, it monitors devices around its users or on the same network
  • The details were revealed in document of answers to Congress following Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in April over the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Get all the gory details about what Zuckerberg knows on you personally here.


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