18 Things Facebook Knows About You (that you don’t!)

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Every day that goes past there’s another news story about social media and the amount of data they posess on you, and each time it gets a little bit more freaky. The reason for this, as I personally see it, is because all these social media companies are worth hundreds of millions, …

What the jiminy cricket was that!

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Yesterday I ballsed up. I’ve been running online businesses for over a decade, and still make mistakes. Hey that’s normal. We can’t get it right all the time. I re-sent the welcome email to my newsletter, to every single person on my list. So you probably got it again. Apologies for that. …

Interrogation… getting to the truth

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Inside next months Business Ignition magazine, I interrogate myself about how to truly outsource your content without getting back the crap you see on most blogs… Internet marketing is about content creation, full stop. There are some folk out there who’d argue with this, but they’re wrong. And that’s not me being …