List Building

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment = Increase In Revenue

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There’s always a focus on getting traffic and converting that traffic in order to increase your revenue. And that makes perfect sense. If you get 1000 visitors and convert them on your sales page at 1%, then you’ve made ten sales. If you can increase that to 3% then you’ve made 30 …

The Danger Of Overloading Your Readers

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Almost any internet marketing blog that you go to will tell you to create some kind of freebie which you offer as an optin bribe to build your mailing list. That’s great. But you create one and then after a while you build a product and that has an optin as well. …

List Size Isn’t Everything!

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Most of the courses online talk about building a list as being the most important aspect of an online business. And I would agree. However, list size is not everything. I’ve regularly heard from people, and read posts in forums, complaining that they can’t make any money because they’ve only got a …